Yoo Hee Yeol Knew That Ha Hyun Woo Used to be Our Community  Song  Overall Immediately

Yoo Hee Yeol Knew That Ha Hyun Woo Used to be Our Community Song Overall Immediately

Yoo Hee Yeol Knew That Ha Hyun Woo Was once Our CommunitySongTotal Immediately?kminjungee July 8, 2016 0 Yoo Hee Yeol Knew That Ha Hyun Woo Was Our Neighborhood Music General Immediately? On July 8, Guckkasten, Epik High, Dynamic Duo, and tremendouslearners SEVENTEEN were visitors on Yoo Hee Yeols Sketchbook as a phase of the presentations summer special.

During the interview with Guckkasten, Yoo Hee Yeol brings up lead singer Ha Hyun Woos memorable appearance on King of Masked Singer, and reveals, I also watched the broadcast, yet I knew it was Ha Hyun Woo from the very beginning.

The singer these days holds the listing for being the longest reigning champion at thedisplay equally Our Neighborhood Music General, with nine consecutive wins beneath his belt.

In response, he says, Till I sang Freshwater Eels Dream, I in truthattempted to sing like a other person. However, it kind of feels like folks still known my voice regardless.

Ha Hyun Woo also talks about how he recently experienced firsthand his newfound famewhilst filming an advertisement. He luckily adds, I welcome all CF deals, corresponding tothe ones for milk or ramen noodles.

Meanwhile, Guckkasten carried out several songs, adding their latestname track Pulse, which you'll be in a position to watch here.

Did you know Our Neighborhood Music General was Ha Hyun Woo from the very beginning as well?

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“Section TV” Reminisces About Song Joong Ki And Ryu Jun Yeol’s Humble Acting Debuts

“Section TV” Reminisces About Song Joong Ki And Ryu Jun Yeol’s Humble Acting Debuts

Section Television Reminisces About Song Joong Ki And Ryu Jun Yeols Humble Acting Debutskminjungee July 4, 2016 0 Section TV Reminisces About Song Joong Ki And Ryu Jun Yeols Humble Acting Debuts Whilst Song Joong Ki and Ryu Jun Yeol are praised as some of the freshest actors in South Korea today, theyve had to paintingsdemanding to get to where they are today.

During the July 3 episode of MBCs Phase TV, a panel of journalists looked back at the acting debuts of the 2 actors, and their background era.

They get started off with Song Joong Ki, who made his acting debut in the 2007 SBS drama Get Carl! Oh Soo Jun, as an extra, in particular Reporter 2, with just oneauthentic spoken line. For the following couple of years, he would play a massive number of extras and smaller roles tilltouchdown his well-loved role as Gu Yong Ha in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

The panel issues out how motivated and made up our minds Song Joong Ki used to be even in his roles as an extra. When he starred in the film A Frozen Flower, he turned into the youngest of 36 flower boys that were forged every bitinfantrymen who were stationed beneath Jo In Sungs character.

While his customary occupationhave been given to Im Joo Hwan, Song Joong Ki controlled to convince the director for every other chance. At the time, the director was moved via the young actors determination, and in the end gave him a other sentence of dialogue.

They also touch on the actors role relating to Itaewon Homicide, where he arguably played a major character, as the varsity student who due to this fact gets murdered.

Meanwhile, Ryu Jun Yeol in a identical way had humble beginnings, and starred in lots of shorts and independents films, prior to making his drama debut as an additional in KBSs Producer. He also had two short lines, and faded into the background.

Reply 1988 was happily his next work that aired, yet he also starred as a BJ in 2015 movie Socialphobia, which he in truth filmed before the popular drama. The actor for my part wore braces when he went to audition for this role, which left a bigimpact on the director, who finally casted him.

They will have had humble beginnings, but their hard work and efforts for sure paid off!

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Watch: Ha Hyun Woo Plays One Closing Time As Our Community  Tune General

Watch: Ha Hyun Woo Plays One Closing Time As Our Community Tune General

Watch: Ha Hyun Woo Plays One Remaining fourth dimension As Our GroupTrackTotal kminjungee June 12, 2016 0 Watch: Ha Hyun Woo Performs One Last Time As Our Neighborhood Music General Guckkastens Ha Hyun Woo returns to the King of Mask Singer levelall over againto position on a different performance!

On the June 12 episode of the show, the singer walks onto stage dressed in his iconic mask to lay on a impressive opening functionalityalong his bandmates. He sings Guckkastens latest track, PULSE, instead of covering every other artists song.

He displays off his explosive making a song abilities and robustair of secrecysooner than proceeding to de-mask himself right through the songs refrain, igniting cheers from the target market members. He continues the remainder of the songs with a grin on his face.

This performance was oncefurther special as it was a comeback stage for the band. Relating to this, Ha Hyun Woo says, Through King of Mask Singer I experienced and learned a lot. I also gaineda massive number of love from many of usvia this show. When I presumed about how to pay off this gratitude, I sought after to let every personpay attention to our new song in this very stage.

He also adds, I used to beat all timeson my own on stage, yetI'm the vocal of the band Guckkasten. So, I wished to embark on this new get started alongside my members.

Before leaving the stage, the singer givesrecommendation to the recentexisting champion, a contestant the use of the alias Break out Unemployment. As the longest reigning champion of the show, Ha Hyun Woo maintained his function amongst nine impressive wins before he changed into finally defeated last week by contestant Escape Unemployment.

Hilariously, with his voice changed as it was when his identity had to be conceled, he says, You will havea minimum ofremain for a month in order thatyou'llget keep of a salary. So, after you liveat the least a month, I advocateyou exchange your dress first. His words discuss with how he published last week that he regretted his costume selectionon account of how suffocating it was.

Finally, Ha Hyun Woo addresses all of theunswervingaudience and promises, I canseem in front of everybodyvia more stages and broadcasts. Thank you for supporting me till now.

Watch this mythical champion carry out for the last time as Our Neighborhood Music General below!

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Watch: Akdong Musician’s Lee Soo Hyun Plays Solo For The primary Time On “Immortal Song 2″

Watch: Akdong Musician’s Lee Soo Hyun Plays Solo For The primary Time On “Immortal Song 2″

Watch: Akdong Musicians Lee Soo Hyun Plays Solo For The primary fourth dimension On Immortal Song 2notclaira June 11, 2016 0 Watch: Akdong Musicians Lee Soo Hyun Performs Solo For The First Time On Immortal Song 2 On an Immortal Song 2 episode full ofvisitorsequivalent to Rose Motel, Son Seung Yeon, and I.O.I, Akdong Musicians Lee Soo Hyun held her first solo level without her brother, Lee Chan Hyuk.

Somehow I got here to be on my own, she statedright through an interview at the show. It feels bizarre without him and Im actually nervous. Im maximum worried about Son Seung Yeon sunbaenims performance.

The special featured the songs of Hong Search engine optimization Bum, a veteran singer from the 1980s. Lee Soo Hyun put her own spin on the song I Didnt Need Love From You, showcasing her clear, natural vocals on an effortlessyetbeautiful musical-like set.

Watch the functionality below!

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Watch: Our Community  Song  Overall Attempts To Take 10th Consecutive Win On King Of Mask Singer

Watch: Our Community Song Overall Attempts To Take 10th Consecutive Win On King Of Mask Singer

Watch: Our CommunityTrackOverall Attempts To Take 10th Consecutive Win On “King Of Mask Singer”ilmare42 June 5, 2016 0 Watch: Our Neighborhood Music General Attempts To Take 10th Consecutive Win On “King Of Mask Singer” Many lovers of the preferredmaking a songpageantdisplay “King of Mask Singer” were at the edge in their seat this week as they waited to peer if contestant Our Neighborhood Music General would continue his amazing winning streak, or be defeated and featureto expose his identity!

SpoilerOn June 5’s episode of “King of Mask Singer,” Our Neighborhood Music General is shooting for his 10th win in a row, which he can take if he beats the contestant who wins the 3rd round.

In circular two, the contestant appearingbeneath the alias Get away Unemployment takes to the levelto accomplish Daybreak’s “Love Actually.” He wins the round, and is goingdirectly to defeat his opponent in the 1/3around every bitneatly alongside his functionality of Lee Eun Mi’s “Nocturne.”

Escape Unemployment is now the challenger for the King of Mask Singer title, and Our Neighborhood Music General attempts to protect his throne with a a laugh operation of 015B’s “Lovers For an excessively Long Time.”

Although every personturns out to experience his performance up to ever, he's defeated by capability of Escape Unemployment, who receives 66 issues to Our Neighborhood Music General’s 33.

This methodthat when twenty weeks on the show, the instant has in the end arrived for Our Neighborhood Music General to take off his mask. When he does, it’s printed that he is Guckkasten’s Ha Hyun Woo – as many audience and fans had predicted!

Kim Sung Joo asks him to discuss his time on the show, and Ha Hyun Woo jokes, “First of all, it was onceactually hot. If I had known I’d be on for so long, I'd have worn lighter clothes.”

He then adds, “I conceptI might have were given used to this stage after doing it for so long. Yet the anxiety and worry that I thinkin this phasehasn't everlong gone away, it’s at all times been as it becamethe primary time. But I continuously saw everybody in the target market cheering me on, which gave me a huge number of strength.”

He says it’s been a really perfectexpertise for him as it allowed him to grow to be Our Neighborhood Music General on stage, and he felt that he was in a position to be an even higher singer whilstgambling the role. Ahead of he makes his exit, Ha Hyun Woo puts his mask back on and plays a line from one of his noted performances, which has everyone cheering once again.

After his reveal, we get to see pictures of Ha Hyun Woo in the back of the scenes of his old episodes, in additionone of the vitalpresentations designers speaking about the adjustments to his mask design over the weeks, messages from the fame panel, and interviews with the talented singer.

Were shown clips of Ha Hyun Woo looking to goof around with his expressionless safety detail, fortunately admiring his dressing room and throne, stunningbody of workers with his talentsall through rehearsals, or even raving about the quality of the displays sofas, which he continuously took naps on during breaks.

He explains in a former interview that he sought after to come on the prove because an older fan had told him that she overlooked seeing him since his appearances on “I Am A Singer,” and asked him where he’d been all this time. This had stunned him, because he has been very active with Guckkasten. I discovered that I had to turn my face and perform on tv as well, he comments.

Lastly, he says, “I thought I’d be unhappycommencing the mask, but if 1 did it, everyone told me I did an excellentactivity and worked hard. So I used to becapable offinish things happily and gratefully.”

Although fans will naturally be sad to see him now not appearing as a contestant on the show, the preview for next weeks episode stocks a glimpse of his go back with a distinct performance as Our Neighborhood Music General!

On June 5, Ha Hyun Woo shared a photo to Twitter of himself holding up his Our Neighborhood Music General mask and “King of Mask Singer” mask while sitting in the famous throne. He writes as the caption, “I was so gladso that you could run into you lot all each week, and it was an honor with a view to sing for all of you. I admire you, thank you! Our Neighborhood Music General.”

Watch Our Neighbourhood Music Generals performance, Ha Hyun Woos reveal, and the entire fun behind the curtain footage below!

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Cha Tae Hyun Expresses His Love Against Song Joong Ki And Joo Won

Cha Tae Hyun Expresses His Love Against Song Joong Ki And Joo Won

Cha Tae Hyun Expresses His Love In opposition to Song Joong Ki And Joo Wonleonid Might 21, 2016 0 Cha Tae Hyun Expresses His Love Towards Song Joong Ki And Joo Won Actor Cha Tae Hyun presentations his fondness towards his juniors, actors Song Joong Ki and Joo Won.

The actor sat down for an interview for his freshfilm “My Sassy Woman 2.” He states, “I don’t most often watch dramas. I actually like funny things, so I revel inform shows.”

He continues, “I followed the primary two episodes of ‘Descendants of the Sun.’ Song Joong Ki felt very worried as itwas once pre-produced, so I told him there has been no explanation why the drama wouldn’t do well. After the overall episode, I advised, ‘Take your time and relish this as you go on.’”

The actor also stocks his and Song Joong Ki’s friendship with labelmate Park Bo Gum, and findsthey've their own staff chat room where they send screen captures of news they read about one another.

Furthermore, Cha Tae Hyun expresses his improve for his former “2 Days and 1 Night” colleague Joo Won, who is decided to headline the drama edition of “My Sassy Girl” as his closingtaskprior to enlisting in the military. He's takingat the office of Gyun Woo, which Cha Tae Hyun reprises in the motion picture sequel “My Sassy Girl 2.”

Cha Tae Hun says, “There are somewhata couple of actors but even so myself who can play Gyun Woo. I also saw an editorial approximately him opting for the role, and I'm hoping he does well. It won’t be awkward if Joo Won does it.”

The first “My Sassy Girl” moviebecame released in 2001 with Cha Tae Hyun as Gyun Woo and Jun Ji Hyun as the sassy girl. After 15 years, the sequel “My Sassy Girl 2” unfolds when the sassy girl provides Gyun Woo a one-sided understand of separation, and Gyun Woo crosses paths with every other sassy girl, his formative years get-go love played via f(x)’s Victoria. The film got here out in Korea on May just 12.

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Ji Seung Hyun Stocks His Impressions of “Descendants of the Sun” Co-Star Song Joong Ki

Ji Seung Hyun Stocks His Impressions of “Descendants of the Sun” Co-Star Song Joong Ki

Ji Seung Hyun Stocks His Impressions of Descendants of the Sun Co-Star Song Joong Kikminjungee Might 12, 2016 0 Ji Seung Hyun Shares His Impressions of Descendants of the Sun Co-Star Song Joong Ki Whilst they werent necessarily comrades one hundred% of the time in Descendants of the Sun, Ji Seung Hyun has not anythingyetjust right words for his co-star Song Joong Ki.

On May just 12, actor Ji Seung Hyun, in conjunction with Eric Nam, Rainbows Jisook, Han Hee Joon; and Ji Sang Ryul, were visitors on KBS 2TVs Satisfied Together.

During the show, Im Hyun Kyung asks Ji Seung Hyun, What is Song Joong Ki like in genuine life? The 2 actors in the past worked together during Descendants of the Sun, where Ji Seung Hyun played a North Korean soldier, Senior Lieutenant Ahn Jung Joon.

The actor replies, Song Joong Ki is truly kind, and explains how they had to prepare for a month for their opening scene, where their characters combateach and every other. While it was oncetrickyto discover fourth dimension to practice together, the actor explains how Song Joong Ki would even change his agenda around, and at all timesattempted his absolute best so they mayfinally finish up amongsta fair scene. He ends by potential of saying, I suspecthe'sa skilled actor.

Do you bear in mind their cinematic fight scene?

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Park Jin Young And Yang Hyun Suk Knew About Min Hyo Rin-Taeyang Courting Beforehand

Park Jin Young And Yang Hyun Suk Knew About Min Hyo Rin-Taeyang Courting Beforehand

Park Jin Young And Yang Hyun Suk Knew About Min Hyo Rin-Taeyang CourtingPreviously soojji Might 11, 2016 0 Park Jin Young And Yang Hyun Suk Knew About Min Hyo Rin-Taeyang Relationship Beforehand At theCould 11 episode of MBC’s “Radio Star,” actress Min Hyo Rin opens up on her relationship with BIGBANG member Taeyang. Other visitors for this episode included producer Park Jin Young, in addition singers Jo Kwon and G. Soul.

During the show, Min Hyo Rin talks about how her relationship with Taeyang used to be publicized via the paparazzi. “I becamemindful that the scoop would leak the day ahead of it happened. I used to be surprised. We were dating for a while. We even broke up once and were dating back when the news broke out .”

Park Jin Young added, “Yang Hyun Suk and I talked over the telephone the day before the news went out. We agreed to ascertain that the 2 were in a healthy relationship.”

Min Hyo Rin responded, “I don’t stay any secrets from Park Jin Young. He knew about our relationship from the beginning. Yang Hyun Suk probably knew as well.”

Looks like you'llpreserve a secret secure with JYP and YG, what do you think?

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How Has Cha Tae Hyun Influenced Song Joong Ki

How Has Cha Tae Hyun Influenced Song Joong Ki

How Has Cha Tae Hyun Influenced Song Joong Ki?mcheller Might 8, 2016 0 How Has Cha Tae Hyun Influenced Song Joong Ki? Leading by way of example, there’s no descriptor that suits Cha Tae Hyun larger than mentor.

This year, actors from Cha Tae Hyun’s agency, Blossom Entertainment, are on a roll. Probably the mostmaximum notable is Song Joong Ki, who took no longerhandiest Korea, yet all of Asia by typhoon alongside his drama “Descendants of the Sun.” Other people are praising him, no longerjust for his acting, but his personality as well.

Song Joong Ki is only a fountain of touching stories. He sent a food truck to the set of “Signal,” for director Kim Won Seok, who he worked with for the drama, “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” and it was once as well belatedly came upon that he secretly donated to beef upyoungstersaffected by cancer. In addition, he apparently took very just right care of the more youthfulworkforcecontributorsrunning on “Descendants of the Sun,” and remained a pillar of reassurance on set.

Director Jo Sung Hee, who worked with him on the film, “A Werewolf Boy,” complemented the actor in a up to dateTelevisionDocument interview, announcing “Song Joong Ki learned all themore youthfulemployees members names, talked with them, and looked out for them. He’s young, but he’s an actor you can’t lend a hand but respect.”

Affiliates say that this isn'tsimply due to Song Joong Kis natural character, but also the robustimpact of fellow actor Cha Tae Hyun, whose unchanging, truthfulpersonalitywill also benoticed from his 13-year romance with his wife and primary love.

Cha Tae Hyun determinedto look in My Sassy Lady 2 after being compelled by his loyalty to the producer, ShinCine’s Shin Chul, who also produced the primary movie. The actor hesitated at the speculation of a “Sassy Girl” series without Jeon Ji Hyun, but he sought after to support Shin Chul, who produced one of his primary works, in any way he could.

In addition, when his 2014 movie “Slow Video” turned into being released, he for my part sought out KBS’s Search engine optimization Soo Min and asked that the movie’s song video be shown at the finish of form programs. He did it without the manufacturers or advertising and marketing team’s knowledge, and thank you to his request, they played the music video for the film after displays on KBS for a length of time. Had the producers put the adverts in themselves, the related fee would had been enormous.

One representative in the industry commented how Song Joong Ki treats all and sundry to foods is anything he learned from looking at Cha Tae Hyun. “The way he leaves after paying 300,000 won (approximately $300) for a 200,000 won (approximately $200 meal, for example, is something that Cha Tae Hyun does often,” and “Even whilst he turns out to be complaining, Cha Tae Hyun is an individual who at all timesdisplays incredible loyalty. His sensible influence is having a good effect at theyoung actors in his agency.”

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Song Mino Persuades Yang Hyun Suk To Liberate “Nation Of Hip-Hop” Collab As A Single

Song Mino Persuades Yang Hyun Suk To Liberate “Nation Of Hip-Hop” Collab As A Single

Song Mino Persuades Yang Hyun Suk To Free upCountry Of Hip-Hop Collab As A Unmarried ehk38 Might 7, 2016 0 Song Mino Persuades Yang Hyun Suk To Release Nation Of Hip-Hop Collab As A Single WINNERs Song Mino effectively persuades YG Entertainment head Yang Hyung Suk to release his contemporary collaboration with actress Moon Hee Kyung.

The two stars gainedplenty of love and attention for their catchy song, a diss rap from an angry mother to her pubescent daughter.

In reaction to popular call for for the song to be released as a virtual single, Song Mino asked Yang Hyun Suk at once if YG Entertainment may just release the song.

Song Mino recruits Moon Hee Kyung who also joins in at the text verbal exchange to Yang Hyun Suk.

On May 7, Yang Hyun Suk announced that the song would be released on May nine at 12 p.m., KST. He also uploaded screenshots of his conversation with Song Mino and Moon Hee Kyung onto Instagram.

Song Mino writes, Moon Hee Kyung asked me to ahead this message to you.

In the forwarded message, Moon Hee Kyung writes, President Yang Hyun Suk. Hello, Im actress Moon Hee Kyung. Thank you such a lot for sending Song Mino to us. I believe like Ive gotten a son. I believe Umma-yah is a song that expresses all of the joys and sorrows of the moms in the nation.

She continues, Its a song that relieves a mothers tension all in one fell swoop~ I earnestly hope that you can brand the song into a single. Its a wish I have ahead of 1 die ^^ Shouldnt excellent songs be heard by capacity ofquite a bit of people? Please make the proper decision. Also, I'm your fan, President Yan Hyung Suk ^^.

Yang Hyun Suk responds to the text wittily, asking Song Mino, Did you are making her write this?

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A photo posted by YANG HYUN SUK (@fromyg) on May 6, 2016 at 11:32pm PDT

#힙합의민족 #힙민 #송민호 #MINO #문희경 #엄마야 #DONTCALLMEMAMA #어짜피아들은송민호 #팬이었어요 #과거형 #0509 #낮12시 #음원공개결정

A photo posted by YANG HYUN SUK (@fromyg) on May 6, 2016 at 11:32pm PDT

If you havent watched the performance, you'll be in a position to see it here.

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