Yoochun’s lovers threaten to sue top  college  scholars for their parody outfits

Yoochun’s lovers threaten to sue top college scholars for their parody outfits

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterIn Korea, primecollegescholarsregularly wear atypicalyet hilarious outfits and costumes for their commencement photos. 

And whilst costumes have ranged from games to popular celebrities in the past, many high faculty students have determined to parody notedfamous person scandals that experiencetook place this year, including JYJYoochun amidst his sexual attack charges. But after seeing the costumes, which come with a Mickey Mouse suit maintaining a womens restroom sign, in additiona guy in a mask holding a bathroom seat next to his head, many of Yoochuns enthusiasts take threatened to take felony action opposed to the high school students, claiming that the costumes don't appear to be parody but acts of defamation.

Sigh I dont know why this incident is being parodied. CJES please record that student and Euijungboo High School

CJES fail to rememberthe complete thing please sue Euijungboo High School. The coed who ready it and the collegethat permit that take place are either nuts. What are they hungry for attention? So filthy

If students make the collegeconscious about their plans for the grad photo, CJES please sue both the student and the school

This isnt a parody please sue the student for defamation. Regardless of how young you're incorrect is wrong.

So furious..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ send information to CJES I'm hoping they sue them

Im going to screenshot and send to CJES ^^ they are going toto find out who it's far soon enough. If hes 19, thats sufficiently old to be sued

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miss As Suzy Donates 10 Million Won To Heart  College  Scholars In Need

miss As Suzy Donates 10 Million Won To Heart College Scholars In Need

miss A’s Suzy Donates 10 Million Won To HeartFacultyScholars In Want ilmare42 July 13, 2016 0 miss A’s Suzy Donates 10 Million Won To Middle School Students In Need pass over A’s Suzy has generously donated 10 million won (approximately $8,721) to charity.

On July 13, the star made the donation of 10 million won to the corporation “Dream On Social Welfare Society,” with the cash being given to pay for faculty uniforms for incoming middle school students in Boseong county, South Korea.

It used to be reported that her father Bae Wan Young visited the Boseong County Place of work to make the donation on her behalf. He said, “We hope that this may be of even a little lend a hand to the scholars who reside in farming areas.”

Suzy’s firm JYP Entertainment answered to reports by way ofpronouncing that she had made the donation without the agency’s knowledge. “Suzy steadily makes donations, so it more or less feels like she’s done some otherjust right deed this time as well,” a JYP representative told news outlet Star News.

Meanwhile, Suzy is lately starring in the drama “Uncontrollably Fond” contrary Kim Woo Bin. Take a glance at the first episode below!

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Park Yoochuns Lovers Protest Opposed to  Top Schoolers Parody Photos

Park Yoochuns Lovers Protest Opposed to Top Schoolers Parody Photos

Park Yoochun’s Lovers Protest Opposed toTop Schoolers’ Parody Footage notclaira July 9, 2016 0 Park Yoochun’s Fans Protest Against High Schoolers’ Parody Photos Each year, Uijeongbu High Faculty makes waves with their originalcommencement photos. The photos usuallyinvolve some connection with the Korean entertainment industry, whether it’s undeniable cosplay or a parody of trending issues.

Some of the photos released on July 8 contained references to the affair between director Hong Sang Soo and actress Kim Min Hee in addition the sexual attacksituations against JYJ’s Park Yoochun.

In one photo, a student is dressed in a Mickey Mouse blousewhilstsporting a rest room seat. Any other student beside them is dressed as a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball player, referencing the sexual assault investigation against player Kang Jung Ho.

Another photo displays another student dressed as Mickey Mouse status in front of an indicationcategorized “Women’s Bathroom. No Mickeys allowed.”

The ordinary theme of Mickey Mouse in the photos is a reference to Park Yoochun’s former degreecall Micky Yoochun.

Some of Park Yoochun’s fans have protested against the parody photos, claiming that the 2 high school scholars are defaming the celebrity’s character. The fans have also said their purpose to documentthe problem to C-JeS Entertainment, Park Yoochun’s agency.

Meanwhile, other commenters have argued that parodies of present societal problemsaren't defamation.

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Lovelyz Wows Lovers In Their Dark And Horny  Degree Outfits On “Inkigayo”

Lovelyz Wows Lovers In Their Dark And Horny Degree Outfits On “Inkigayo”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWoollim Entertainment lady group Lovelyz has been known for their continued use of a bright and natural concept. 

However, on a up to date episode of SBS music show Inkigayo, the ladies proved that they might also pull off a more mature glanceviadressed in lacy dark outfits whilstacting their newest song Destiny. With their current comeback taking up a darker tone than theyve had in the past, Lovelyz is proving that theyre as flexible equally they are talented.

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WINNER’s “Reply 1988” Parody Is Going VIRAL In Korea For Making Lovers Laugh

WINNER’s “Reply 1988” Parody Is Going VIRAL In Korea For Making Lovers Laugh

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens rave over team WINNERs Answer 1988 parody that is just too funny

Like how neighborhoodGiant BANG did a parody for drama Secret Lawn in the past, organization WINNER did a parody for these days ended drama Respond 1988.

Originally posted on Pann, netizens rave over WINNERs parody of drama Reply 1988.

Titled Ah F*ck Here's Too Funny Hahahaha, here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

I saw this WINNER parody of Reply 1988 on Facebook all overmagnificenceyet 1 couldnt assist but crack up because itwas oncesimply too funny hahahahahahahahaahahahaahahaahhaahahahahaahah They have compatibility the characters so smartly hahahahahahahaahahahahahaha

Please refer other funny an identical things to me hahahahahaahaha

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at theusual article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

208 / -37 Watch the maximum efficientattractive directly cam here: http://pann.nate.com/b330849939

180 / -1 Why do I at all timescall to mind this first when I listen drama parodies hahahahahhahah

115 / -6 Haha Sick also advocate this parody from WINNER Television hahahaahahahaahahah Nam Taehyuns acting to make folks laugh is actuallyloopy hahahahaahah so funny here is the link: https://youtu.be/_WqOqsUvQ8U 

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College Scholars Vote on Which Stars They Would like to Take House for the Holidays

College Scholars Vote on Which Stars They Would like to Take House for the Holidays

College Scholars Vote on Which Stars They Wish to haveHouse for the Vacations ehk38 February 7, 2016 0 LINE it!College Students Vote on Which Stars They would like to Take Domestic for the Holidays In gentle of the Lunar New Year, college students in their 1920s chose which stars they wish to take home for the holidays.

A overall of 734 students majoring in a number of entertainment-related majors adding acting, modeling, MCing, Televisiondisplay writing, and more participated in the poll.

Out of 406 male students, 113 chose AOAs Seolhyun, placing her in first place. She was once followed through Red Velvets Irene who got here in close 2nd with 101 votes. GFRIENDYerin took 3rdposition with 73 votes. IU and Girls Generations Taeyeon came in fourth and 5th place, respectively.

Among the 328 entirefeminine students, 108 chose Park Bo Gum. He changed into followed by actor Yoo Seung Ho in the rankings. Ryu Joon Yeol, Yoo Ah In, and Yeo Jin Goo came in third, fourth, and fifth place, respectively.

Whom would you've got chosen?

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High College  Scholars Physically Abuse Instructor in Viral Video

High College Scholars Physically Abuse Instructor in Viral Video

High FacultyScholars Physically Abuse Instructor in Viral Videoilmare42 January 1, 2016 0 LINE it!High School Students Physically Abuse Teacher in Viral Video A video has currentlylong gone viral that presentations high school students beating their teacher throughout class.

Several male students in a high school in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea are observed in the video hitting the instructor alongside a broom, in addition poking, slapping, and swearing at him as he stands at the front of the classroom. Other students are heard giggling and saying, That should hurt!

After the video went viral and the media reported at the incident, the scholars are stated to have admitted to their crimes. Five of the perpetrators, addingthe scholar who filmed and uploaded the video, have now been booked without detention through the police.

The teacher in the video has mentioned that he does no longerneed the students to be punished as criminals, then again many educators are calling for robust measures to be taken based on this incident so as to keep the authority of teachers.

What do you observedneed to be the reaction to the movements of those students?

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Middle college  scholars  fireplace BB gun shots at a musical

Middle college scholars fireplace BB gun shots at a musical

Kids do a little idiotic things sometimes--it all comes with the naivete of youth, yet the line must exist drawn when others are installed danger. Apparently, several middles facultyscholars shot BB guns at a display for 'Bachelor's Vegetable Store,' a musical this isin reaction toa singular and drama of the similar name.

According to the corporateaccountable for production, all the manner through 'Bachelor's Vegetable Store's prove that came about at KEPCO's Art Center at the morning of December 7, BB gun shots were fired at the stage. This explicitfunctionalityused to be specially planned for students, and in the target audience seats, there were around 1,000 students from two heart schools.

The theater workers and representatives in an instant stepped ahead to discover the source of the fired shots, but the shots halted and the show went on. However, 15 minsearlier than the musical concluded, more shots were fired immediately at a member of the production workforce who turned into on the 2nd one floor. This momentcircular of shots brought on the production team to skip the curtain call and draw the show to an early close.

The production crew held off the go out of the students, and along side the teachers, they proceeded to inspect the student's non-public belongings. After their examination, 4 students were stuck as the culprits who fired the shots, and a general of four BB guns were confiscated. The production crew faced the four students guilty and their teachers, asking for an apology, which they obliged.

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The production corporate shared this incident on its Facebook via a realize that went, "Actions that endanger the security of the scholars and the actors must be rightfully punished. We may notfail to remember this incident and after retaining the students and the universities responsible, we can beready to devise a right kindprocess action. From now on, in order thatthe kind of incident will nottake place again, we plan to send a be aware alongsideexpressrules for the colleges to adhere to."

A rep from the production crew relayed, "The first shots were fired by a student who was seated on the first ground and a student seated on the second surface fired some other round. The primary student had fired the shots for amusingwhilst the second student shot his BB gun at an worker later the employee avoided him from leaving his seat when he attempted to put off his BB gun at the bathroom," and added, "It's true that the actors were stunned but it wasn't a state of affairs where the audience contributors were very much disturbed or their protection was gravely threatened. The incident happenedbecause of the negligence of the students, and we have gotgained an apology and saw a formalfinish to it; we are hoping that this occurrence won't be blown out of share or be distorted."


Korean law faculty  scholars protest government's resolution and threaten to drop out

Korean law faculty scholars protest government's resolution and threaten to drop out

Among the 480 law collegescholars at Seoul National University, 464 submitted paperwork to withdraw themselves from enrollment, a drastic action which is in keeping with the government's resolution to prolong the abolition of the old bar exam.

The law school's student frame committee held a press convention in the school's foyer on December 4, in advance of filing their legit withdrawal forms, and demanded, "The Ministry of Justice will have to recant their decision to put off the repeal of the bar exam for 4 years."

The student body president, Park Joon Sung, explained, "Most students do not see the point in proceeding their educationaloccupation amongst the hold up of the bar exam. The Ministry of Justice want to weigh the gravitas of this matter, and believethe scholars who drew up withdrawal forms, and how they were faced with flunking and expulsion."

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Park added, "The student body is decided to partake in efforts for the law college to performtypically and go back to assembly its usual objective. If The Ministry of Justice will no longer recant its decision, then henceforth, we may beready tolift on with our opposition via discussing with other universities."

The students are claiming that the faculty is benefiting from society's weaknesses via a discriminatory admissions process, concentrated onpeople who are physically and financially inclined and acting as a false 'ladder of hope.'

Among the 25 law facultiesin the country, enrollees in 24 schools hostile the government's deferment to repeal the bar exam by submitting withdrawal forms and refusing the endthe remainderin their academic terms.

Under the old law, any person who passed the bar exam adding non-graduates may advance to theJudicial Studiesand coaching Institute and then train law. However, under the recent system, best students who attend the 25 qualifying law schools in Korea will be capable of practice law and turn out to be lawyers, prosecutors, and judges.


B1A4 Sandeul-Baro, Comic Parody of 'Lovers in Paris'

B1A4 Sandeul-Baro, Comic Parody of 'Lovers in Paris'

b1a4, sandeul, baro, lovers in paris, park shin yang, strong heart

B1A4 Sandeul-Baro, Comic Parody of 'Lovers in Paris' b1a4 sandeul baro lovers in paris parodyGroup B1A4's members Sandeul and Baro showed a parody of SBS drama "Lovers in Paris."

In SBS "Strong Heart" aired today, Sandeul and Baro turned into the two main characters of "Lovers in Paris" Park Shin Yang and Kim Jung Eun, showing a parody.

Sandeul wore a blue suit with thick glasses, saying the famous line of Park Shin Yang, "Why can't you say that I'm your man?" and Sandeul said, "How could I say that when you look like this?," arousing laughter.

Baro said, "The real Park Shin Yang is right there!," approaching Park Shin Yang. He said, "If you're really Park Shin Yang, prove it!," and Park Shin Yang, shocked, started singing the OST of the drama and said his famous line "Baby, let's go!"

Photo Credit: SBS