Younha Responds To Haters And Closes Twitter Account

Younha Responds To Haters And Closes Twitter Account

Younha Responds To Haters And Closes Twitter Accountnotclaira June 16, 2016 0 Younha Responds To Haters And Closes Twitter Account Singer Younha lately uploaded an admonishment to her haters earlier thanultimate down her Twitter account.

On June 16, she tweeted, “I’m going to mention one very last thing and finish it. I can’t do the rest roughlythe ones oneprecious who grew to become on me, yet don’t think lightly of the sentiments that I’ve poured out for you. What about my personality? My intellectual state? Once you met me, you wouldn’t be in a positionto assert a unmarried thing. Delete the “former” Younha category and just disappear.”

Shortly after, she deleted her Twitter account with a lastgood-bye message.

Younha also left a message for her fanaticsthru her non-public Instagram, which is still open.

A photo posted by way of YOUNHA Legitimate Instagram (@younha_holic) on Jun 15, 2016 at 4:25pm PDT

“It’s no longer about whose scars are bigger,” she wrote. “Even if we want tomove separate ways, let’s leave with gorgeous memories. I know that the displaymay just end at any moment, adding my own stage. Let’s leave with just right memories because our love used to be sincere. Let’s walk step by step, hand in hand, into the future.”

Recently a netizen claiming to be Younha’s former fan had uploaded comments insulting Younha and her fanbase, calling them the complete lot from “crazy people” to “glasses-wearing nerds.” A blog had also gave the impression amongsta classcategorized “former Younha” that bashed her new song “Get It?” and criticized the singer’s personality.

Younha’s firmmentioned to a Korean media outlet, “Younha chose to delete her account after anti-fans kept attacking her for my part on social media. As her agency, we are tracking her social media account and we can be able tomake a decision on a reaction soon.”

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Lee Hyori Deletes Blog Posts and Closes Twitter Account

Lee Hyori Deletes Blog Posts and Closes Twitter Account

--> After communicating with fans and sharing her newlywed life on Jeju Island for awhile on SNS, Lee Hyori has pushed the pause button on her SNS activities.

Lee Hyori Deletes Blog Posts and Closes Twitter Account

On May 30, Lee Hyori deleted all the posts on her blog, which included many photos of her family and home in Jeju Island. She began the blog on May 27, 2014.

She also deleted her Twitter account. It′s said that she recently changed her phone number along with her husband, Lee Sang Soon, as well.

The reason why she decided to cut herself off from the SNS world is unclear, but Lee Hyori has limited public exposure on her life since getting married to Lee Sang Soon in 2013.

Photo Credit: Lee Hyori′s Fancafe


JYJ's Yoochun closes down his Twitter account

JYJ's Yoochun closes down his Twitter account

JYJs Yoochun closes down his Twitter accountJYJ's Yoochun has recently shocked his followers by closing down his Twitter account. Although his fellow member Jaejoong attempted to persuade him otherwise, the account remains closed, to the dismay of many fans.

Before deleting the account, he posted a final tweet thanking fans for their support. It read, "I'm always appreciative of your love and support. I want to come back with good music and acting in the future...^^ Again, I am sincerely grateful and I love you!!


Super Junior's Heechul closes his Twitter account

Super Junior's Heechul closes his Twitter account

Super Juniors Heechul closes his Twitter accountSuper Junior member Heechul shut down his Twitter today, shocking and disappointing many of his fans. The reason why the singer decided to close his Twitter account was revealed through his final Twitter post in which he warned saesang fans to respect his privacy and to no longer follow him to his home or site of his military service.

Heechul also wrote that he has not yet fully recovered from the traumatic shock of a previous accident he had with a saesang fan and that he really despises having to run away for his life every single time he sees saesang fans. Therefore, he has decided to shut down his Twitter account for a year so that he can have a peaceful private life.

Heechul also warned taxi drivers in his final post about tricking international fans. He wrote that taxi drivers should not "rip-off" international fans who do not know Korea well.

In closing, Heechul said that he will resume tweeting next year, and he also thanked everyone who had wished him a happy birthday.

Source: Korea Star Daily


Super Juniors Heechul closes his Twitter account because of his obsessive fans

Super Juniors Heechul closes his Twitter account because of his obsessive fans

Super Juniors Heechul closes his Twitter account because of his obsessive fans Super Juniors Heechul recently complained about his obsessive fans.

On July 9, Heechul tweeted, Please dont come to where I live and work. I thought I became nicer as I turned thirty, but I guess not. Im still suffering from the car accident I got into, so Im scared of running away from you when Im driving a car. Even if you get disappointed at me or I have to realize that I have to be thankful to your love, I cannot take this anymore because my life is important. Its all my fault because Im not that considerate.

It seems Heechul wrote the comment to his obsessive fans who follow him all the time by taxi. The obsessive fans are called Sasaeng fans, who stalk the celebrities they like. Heechul also left a message to the taxi drivers who drive the Sasaeng fans.

Heechul commented, Dont cheat on the foreigners with smiling faces because they dont know anything. What youre doing is so dirty. I wish there can be no more victims. Im going to close my Twitter account for a year. See you after a year. Thank you so much for celebrating my birthday.

Heechul has been doing alternative service in Seoul as a public service worker since September.

Source: Starnews


Was AOA’s “Good Luck” Track Video Edited On account of History Controversy Firm Responds

Was AOA’s “Good Luck” Track Video Edited On account of History Controversy Firm Responds

Was AOAs ExcellentGood fortuneTrack Video Edited As a result of History Controversy? Firm Respondsporshia Would possibly 15, 2016 0 Was AOAs Brilliant Luck Music Video Edited Because Of History Controversy? Agency Responds AOAs new name track Nice Luck has been taking the music charts by typhoon since its free up at 12 a.m. KST on May just 16.

However, in a while after its release, the music video have become unavailable. It was later re-uploaded, yet many have spotted edits to the music video and are speculating as to what the explanationscould be.

Fans saw that the edited scenes are the ones that included product placement. A Toyota logo on a automobile was blurred out in one scene at 2 mins 37 seconds, whilstevery other scene at 2 minutes 43 seconds was cut completely. Fanatics speculate that those edits are because of the inclusion of Toyota and Honda branded cars, either one ofwhich might beJap companies, and that they were got rid ofto turn sensitivity for the new history controversy, in which contributors were not ableto spotcrucial Korean ancient figure who fought for Korean independence from Japanese colonial rule.

AOAs agency, FNC Entertainment have replied to the speculations, stating, Excluding the vehicles, we admit that other products in the music video were integrated every bit product placement. The vehicles, however, were simply borrowed because of the the local scenario and we had no goalto teach the brand.

They continued, If there are portions of the music video which aren'tsmartly done, or are lacking, we cannow not hide them and shouldask for forgiveness for them accordingly. We are hoping that there'll be no misunderstandings in regards to thevans and emblem product placement.

AOAs agency, FNC Entertainment had previously asked for figuring out from fans on their Twitter for the video being taken down, explaining they had to edit it due to an error having been made.

You can take a glance at the re-uploaded video below:

What are you mindat the situation?

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Haters plan a wide Twitter hashtag attack opposed to BTS for plagiarism

Haters plan a wide Twitter hashtag attack opposed to BTS for plagiarism

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter A press releaserelating to action against BTS and a planned Twitter hashtag attack has been uncovered.

Returning below the spotlight their newest album unlock and comeback, BTS has once back come under hearth for alleged plagiarizing and is expounded to have copied the concept that of artists equivalent to BIGBANG. Photos of BTS beyondidea photos were observedin comparison to scenes from BIGBANGs Sober (which will also bevisible below) among other comparisons.

Other artists indexedcome with SHINee and EXO of whom BTS allegedly copied.

Taking action, people whotrustthose allegations are making ready a hashtag attack on Twitter opposed to the Big Hit Entertainment crewthat willstart on Would possibly 7th at 7pm for precisely 24 hours.

The announcement reads as the following:

# Plan to try tofashion on twitter with hashtags concerning BTS plagiarism

Time: 2016.05.07 around 7 pm when BTS concert ends~2016.05.08 around 7 pm when BTS concert ends

This weekend BTS concert is occurring from four for 150 mins then let us get started amongst 30 minute leeway. Please let us display them the unification of all fandoms shall weprove these b***es our power. You justmust tweet hashtags and words associated with BTS plagiarism. They are going to tweet their words of combating to BTS so lets use this and make BTS plagiarism trend again.

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Girls Generations Taeyeon Responds to Haters on Instagram

Girls Generations Taeyeon Responds to Haters on Instagram

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Responds to Haters on Instagram Despite warnings ofprison action and enthusiasts collecting evidence, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeonremains to be attacked with vicious comments online.

On August 8, more than a few hurtful comments like “What is there to love about Kim Taeyeon?” and “Trash” were left on her Instagram post.

Proving to be mature and thoughtful, the singer responded, “Please chorus from leaving comments that the ones here.I think commenters who leave sure remarks will see them and get hurt. I ask you of thiswant ^^.”

Taeyeon Instagram

Her remark has been commended for being tactful and kindly company at the similar time. The addition of smiling “eyes” contributes to her message being more sure as well.

What do you take into consideration her reaction and the malicious comments she continues to receive?

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Younha admitted to having been  dreaming about Song Joong Ki After  she frangirled over him on Twitter

Younha admitted to having been dreaming about Song Joong Ki After she frangirled over him on Twitter

Younha Dreams About Song Joong Ki After Fangirling Over Him on Twitter Looks like singer Younha is so enchanted by actor Song Joong Kis charms that she recently even dreamt about him!

On June 9, Younha posted on her Twitter, saying, First dream: Im sleeping on the streets because my perfectly normal house is scary (I dont remember why). I meet Song Joong Ki. We have a some relationship. I start panicking because the time period Im in suggests the end of the world is coming. When things start to calm down I drink expired milk and die, then get resurrected. Things start to go well [with Song Joong Ki] again, then an apocalypse starts.

younha twitter

To this fascinating tweet, a fan posted a hilarious comment, saying, You cant be with Joongki oppa even in your dreams [LOL] the apocalypse happened because you were with Joong Ki oppa [LOL] because Joong Ki oppa is mine..

younha twitter fan

If youre wondering how much she thinks about Song Joong Ki on daily basis, just check out her recent tweets which were basically all about him.

younha twitter2

Song Joong Ki Song Joong Ki Song Joong Ki

Joong Ki oppa did you get discharged well?

Why doesnt Joong Ki oppa have Twitter?

younha twitter3

Joong Ki oppa~ Im having spicy noodles with coffee, do you want to join??

Okay Im done with my craziness

Lastly, I hope Song Joong Kis comeback drama performs well. Joong Ki oppa, have a nice time on your trip.

I bet some fangirls can relate to this, cant we?



Lee Hyori closes down blog, Twitter

Lee Hyori closes down blog, Twitter

Sex icon Lee Hyori closed down her social media accounts, including her blog and Twitter, on Sunday. The 36-year-old singer started her Naver blog, on which she actively posted pictures along with personal comments, last May. However, Lee announced in October that she would only be running the platform for a year to show the beauty of the four seasons on Jeju Island, where she lives with her husband, Lee Sang-soon. She said she feels that if she continues to blog her posts will be redundant as she has already completed the feat she wanted to achieve with the online page. Lee posted various pictures that she took of Jeju"s landscape, her dogs, herself and her husband on the blog. The singer debuted as a member of one of the first successful K-pop girl groups, Fin.K.L, in 1998 with the album "Blue Rain". Lee started her solo career in 2003 and has released many singles that gained a huge following, including "Stylish" and "Get Ya!" In 2006, Lee was the highest-paid female singer in Korea.In addition to her singing career, Lee has diversified her work as a host on variety programs. She hosted "Sang Sang Plus" (2008), "Family Outing" (2008-10) and "Magic Eye" (2014).By Jin Min-ji