Zombie Flick Set to Exceed 10 Million Viewers

Zombie Flick Set to Exceed 10 Million Viewers

Song Kang-ho (left) and Gong Yoo

The zombie flick "Train to Busan" is determinedto achieve the 10 million viewer mark, having drawn 9.25 million moviegoers as of Wednesday.

Actor Gong Yoo shared his emotions about achieving the milestone at a press match for his new film, "The Age of Shadows", directed by potential of Kim Jee-woon, in Seoul on Thursday."I feel rather calm, in position of being excited, because I never expected it", he said. It is stillnoticed whether "The Age of Shadows" can be a hit. The film, which co-stars Song Kang-ho, tells the tale of a collection of warring parties resisting Eastern colonial rule in the 1930s.The movie will hit local theaters next month.

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Zombie Flick 'Train to Busan' Sets Booking Record

Zombie Flick 'Train to Busan' Sets Booking Record

The mystery "Train to Busan" is most probably to transformthe following box place of job hit as price tag sales for its premier have set a record.

Some 80 % of to be had seats, or 323,200 tickets, were sold in advance of the film's first showings on Wednesday.

This beats the presentlisting of 260,000 tickets set by way of "The Admiral: Roaring Currents" among Korean films.

The new movie also posted the easiest first-day booking rate ever for a July release, adding Hollywood blockbusters.

"Train to Busan" tells the desperate fight of passengers aboard a Busan-bound train from Seoul opposed toa collection of zombies that raisea dangerous virus.

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Korean War Flick Raises W500 Million from Crowdfunding

Korean War Flick Raises W500 Million from Crowdfunding

A film featuring Liam Neeson about the Incheon Touchdownright through the Korean War has attracted W500 million in crowdfunding (US$1=W1,148).

If all is going well, "Operation Chromite" may be released later this year.

It tells the tale of intelligence officials in a undercover agent operation all through the landing, with Neeson acting as Gen. Douglas MacArthur.

This is the primary time that a Korean movie production has attracted cashvia stock-type crowdfunding which supplies investors a slice of the profit, on the alternative hand small.

The MonetaryServices and products Commission on Wednesday acknowledged the manufacturers attracted 288 investors in precisely seven days and met their target of W500 million.

Investors will acquire a 5.6-percent benefit after the break-even point of five million viewers.

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'The Assassination' Draws 10 Million Viewers

'The Assassination' Draws 10 Million Viewers

The length espionage movie "The Assassination" surpassed the 1 million mark in cinema attendance and turned into the maximum viewed film here to this point this year. The flick drew more than 371,600 moviegoers on Saturday to succeed in the 1 million mark and every other 166,300 by way of Sunday morning, bringing the full to 10.5 million and dethroning "Avengers: Age of Ultron", which attracted 10.49 million audience in April, in step with the Korea Film Council."The Assassination" also boasts the best booking rate (54 percent) and maximum cinema attendance on its day of liberate (477,600 spectators).


Are you one of the 1 million+ viewers of GOT7

Are you one of the 1 million+ viewers of GOT7"s "Just Right" MV

Are you one of the 1 million+ viewers of GOT7

The boys of GOT7 just released their music video for "Just Right" and it has already been viewed well over one million times.!

A short while ago, the group tweeted, "GOT7 "딱 좋아(Just right)" M/V 유튜브 조회수 100만 돌파!감사합니다!GOT7 "Just right" M/V Reached 1 Million YouTube Views!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrdk3IGcau8…#GOT7#딱좋아" showing their excitement for the million view milestone. Considering it"s been less than a day, this really is a great achievement.

Check out the MV for "Just Right" below -- is it your favorite GOT7 MV yet?


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"Northern Limit Line" Draws More Than 1 Million Viewers

High school students enter a cinema to watch "Northern Limit Line" in Incheon on Sunday.

The movie "Northern Limit Line", which depicts a bloody naval skirmish with North Korea 13 years ago, has drawn more than 1 million viewers in the first four days of its release. The movie took the No. 1 spot at the box office on Saturday with over 437,000 viewers. On Sunday it drew another 400,000, surpassing a total of 1 million.

A spokesman for distributors NEW said the feat was particularly striking since this is a slow season in the movie industry.The spokesman added "Northern Limit Line" is pulling crowds at the same rate as previous box office hits "Masquerade" (2012)and "Ode to My Father" (2014),both of which attracted more than 10 million viewers.Many people are going to see the movie in groups. CGV movie theaters said the chain is getting inquiries about group reservations for parties ranging in size from 20 to 80"."I was surprised to see the move raise W30 million in funding from supporters just a few days after we launched a crowd funding effort to produce it. And now I"m surprised again", said director Kim Hak-soon (US$1=W1,120).


"The Classified File" tops box office surpassing 1.5 million viewers

Movie "The Classified File" has remained at the top of box office for two days in a row as of now.

According to the electronic statics of movie tickets on June 24th, "The Classified File" ranked top at the box office by bringing the additional 137,204 people to 814 screens nationwide.

The accumulated number of viewers recorded 1,457,707. It is clear the number will surpass 1.5 million on June 24th.

"Jurassic World" ranked second at the box office by bringing 102,235 to 930 screens nationwide to record 3,632,210 for its accumulated number of viewers.

"Jurassic World" gave its first spot to "The Classified File" on June 18th when the Korean film was released, however it regained the top spot during the last weekend from June 20 to June 21. Then again, on June 22nd, "The Classified File" reclaimed its spot topping the box office.

"The Classified File" is the first Korean movie to surpass one million viewers within the shortest time during the first half of this year as it has brought one million viewers on the fourth day from its release date. The record is the fastest among the most successful hit movies, during the first half of this year: two days earlier than "Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island" and "Chronicles of Evil", and one day earlier than "Gangnam Blues" and "Twenty".



EXO"s web drama "EXO next door" reaches 10 million viewers

EXOs web drama EXO NEXT DOOR has broken the history of web drama with over 10 million views in Naver TV.

The 12-episode drama has been broadcasted through Naver TV every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 pm, started from April 9th. They proved EXOs power with having more than 10 million views even before it ended.

EXO NEXT DOOR will also be broadcasted in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines and more, showing the strong popularity of EXO even outside Korea.

Meantime, EXO will be holding EXO PLANET #2The EXOluXionin SHANGHAI on May 30th and 31st.

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Kim Woo-bin

Kim Woo-bin"s "Twenty", this year"s second Korean movie watched by over 3 million viewers

Movie "Twenty" has surpassed the record, 3 million viewers.

According to the integrated electronic system for movie tickets by Korea Film Council on April 22nd, "Twenty" has surpassed the record of accumulated number of viewers, 3 million people at 12:50 PM.

"Twenty" recorded over 1 million viewers in the shorted time among all Korean movies since it was released in last March. On the 10th day from its release date, it lured over 1.6 million viewers, passing its break-even point. Amidst the newly released domestic and foreign movies, "Twenty" is still doing well continuously.

The production company commented, "The movie infused the vivacious vitality into the movie market during this off season, taking the advantage of the power of youthful movie, which has reated the pleasant laughter while talking about the decisions and failures by young people in their twenties, who are stepping into the staggering and awkward adult world

Movie, "Twenty" is a comedy about the lives of Chi-ho (Kim Woo-bin), the popular one, Dong-woo ("Junho"), the vital one and Kyeong-jae (Kang Ha-neul) the smart one. Since the movie was released on March 25th, it has been a great success.


"Granny"s Got Talent" Kim Soo-mi makes a promise targeting 10 million viewers

Lead star Kim Soo-mi of "Granny"s Got Talent" made a promise targeting 10 million audiences for her movie.

She claimed she will buy 1,000 people lunches if the movie set a record of 10 million audiences at the movie premiere on the 26th at CGV Wangsipri in Seoul.

"I am going to make fermented kimchi and soy sauce crabs, then tell everyone to "eat up"".

Kim Soo-mi said, "When we break through 8 million, I have to report an assembly to the Korean City Hall and prepare food. I hope the movie succeeds and 1,000 people can try my handmade food".

Previously, Kim Soo-mi promised that she will swear in a bikini if the movie broke through 10 million people. She said, "It will be May when that happens and that"s a good time to wear a bikini".

"I honestly don"t think we"ll make 10 million, but I"m not making blank promises. I"ve been making promises like this since "Mapado" in hopes that our movie will do well".

"Granny"s Got Talent" is about a foul-mouthed granny who spent 15 years of her life in prison and decides to live the rest of her life for her son until she participates in a national swearing competition. The movie is due on March 5.